Meet the Post Adoption Resource Centers in Wisconsin

Wisconsin's Post Adoption Resource Centers in Partnership with:   

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Staff from Wisconsin’s Post-Adoption Resource Centers, or PARCs, realize that all families need support and information, and that every family experiences difficult times.

Families formed through adoption sometimes find that their unique needs go beyond the general parenting information offered in the community.

Whether a family adopted an infant within the United States, a child from another country, or an older child from the foster care system, the challenges are often unique.

Each PARC serves a specific area of the state and focuses on families in many ways:

    • Improving community awareness about adoption.
    • Promoting a positive image of adoption and an increased understanding of the unique issues facing adoptive families, especially among public and private human service providers, schools and medical providers, to enable these professionals to better serve adoptive families.
    • Increase the availability of services for adoptive families.
    • Provide referral services for respite care, crisis intervention, day care, after-school care, legal help, family counseling, support groups related to adoption, Title XIX service providers and planning for the transition of an adopted child into adulthood.
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