What Do I Do About...

Not for Forever: What to Do When Adoption Isn't an Option

When your family has come to the difficult decision that adopting a child for whom you have been caring isn’t an option, it can be a time of grieving, confusion, and moving forward. This tip sheet focuses on support available and how you can care for yourself if adoption isn’t an option.

Under the Microscope: Maltreatment Allegations

Experiencing an allegation as a foster parent can be a frightening and stressful experience. Included are suggestions to reduce your likelihood of an allegation and where to go to seek support and guidance if you are ever faced with an allegation.

Should I or Shouldn't I? Reasons to File a Grievance or Complaint

Conflict is an inevitable part of life, included are pros and cons to filing a formal complaint with your agency and explores the other options that you have. Also included are the steps to take if a formal complaint is the route you choose to go.

When It's Not Going So Well

Parenting is a tough job and being an adoptive parent can present some additional parenting challenges. Your child may have experienced much trauma and loss that may have long-term or life-ling affects. This tip sheet offers some ideas on where to go for help and support.

Finding the Right Fit: Contemplating a Change in Foster Care Agencies

Sometimes there are differences between you, as the foster parent, and your worker and/or agency that may prompt you to contemplate a change in agencies. This tip sheet includes questions to ask yourself and other things to consider prior to making this switch to determine if it the right move for you.

Guide to Obtaining Guardianship of an Adult Child

Caring for a child with a developmental or cognitive disability may require care after the child turns 18. This tip sheet explains in an easy to understand way what guardianship is, the kinds of guardianships, and what you as the parent need to do to obtain a guardianship.

Fostering Parents and Social Workers: Allies and Advocates for Youth in Care

Foster parents and social workers working cooperatively is fundamental in caring for youth in care. Having good communication is part of sustaining this relationship, included are some additional strategies to ensure this collaboration.

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