According to Princess, “I am a strong reader, I enjoy art and gym.” She is described as funny girl who has a blunt sense of humor and is a lot of fun to be around. Princess is passionate about [...]


If the word “girly-girl” were in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Haley beside it. She is a fashionista who loves going shopping and putting together outfits. Her favorite things are [...]


Kendell is an active, loveable, intelligent, and unique young man who enjoys one-on-one time and attention from his caregivers. Kendell is working on gaining more independence by learning how to [...]


Sleeping bag (check), bug spray (check), swimsuit (check); summer camp here she comes! Ashanti is a fun-loving, friendly girl who looks forward to seeing her old pals and making new memories at [...]

Mirian and Juan

Just like many young people her age, if given the opportunity, Mirian would spend all of her time with friends at the mall or listening to music. Mirian also enjoys sports like basketball and [...]


Eladio is an awesome, laid-back kid. He finds happiness in being with his peers, just hanging out watching movies or playing video games. Those who care for Eladio describe him as sweet, helpful, [...]


Marcus is a spunky youth who has a flair for arts and crafts. He has a phenomenal knack for watching drawing videos on YouTube then creating amazing projects; it’s something that can hold his [...]

Ariana S.

Like many pre-teens, Ariana can have a shy side. The cool thing though, is she knows what it takes to get over her shyness and enjoy being in the moment, like when she is able to express herself [...]

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