This inquisitive self-advocate has a contagious, bright, welcoming smile. She is a pre-teen who likes to be involved in all of the typical teen activities like going to the mall, spending some [...]


Annabell is a sweet girl who loves to laugh. Her caregivers say she is the happiest when she is outside and able to go for walks or run around. Some of her favorite things are listening to music, [...]

Arianna T

A great day for Arianna would include a trip to Starbucks and getting her nails done. She is a social, smart teen who has a strong sense of self-identity and independence. Arianna enjoys playing [...]


Are you ready to listen, because Savion was born with the gift of gab! He can talk about almost anything if he is in the company of an active listener. Though, if you have an hour or so, he would [...]


Skylar loves animals, a lot. He likes to draw animals, read about animals, and care for them. In fact, one of Skylar’s three wishes would be to travel to Africa to study animals! It should be no [...]


  Da’Traylin is a people person! He has a great sense of humor, which means lots of laughter. Just look at his smile; what a bummer it would be to not see his face light up often. Others say [...]


According to Princess, “I am a strong reader, I enjoy art and gym.” She is described as funny girl who has a blunt sense of humor and is a lot of fun to be around. Princess is passionate about [...]


Kendell is an active, loveable, intelligent, and unique young man who enjoys one-on-one time and attention from his caregivers. Kendell is working on gaining more independence by learning how to [...]


Sleeping bag (check), bug spray (check), swimsuit (check); summer camp here she comes! Ashanti is a fun-loving, friendly girl who looks forward to seeing her old pals and making new memories at [...]

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