Abbi took her time and completed a sheet that we lovingly call “Getting to Know You”. We are excited to share the answers that Abbi answered in her own words. We all agree that Abbi deserves a family that will make her feel secure, safe, and supported–all while allowing her to shine.


With that said, here is what Abbi shared with us. (P.S. We love her answer to the last question!)


What games do you like to play?

Abbi: “Minecraft, Just Dance, Wii Sports, Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble, Clue, and Chutes and Ladders.”


Do you like to draw and do crafts? What are your favorite subjects?

Abbi: “Yes, I like to draw and do all different kinds of crafts. My favorite subject in school is math and I also like lunch and recess.”


What sports do you enjoy playing?

Abbi: “I like to play basketball. I would like to try tennis and softball.”


What would you like people to know about you?

Abbi: “My favorite color is purple, I am tall, and I love school.”


What are you really good at?

Abbi: “I’m good at sports, math, coloring, and reading. I would like to become even better.”


What activities do you participate in? What activities would you like to try in the future?

Abbi: “I am open to trying anything. I like choir and would join any club. I want to join a Friends Club to make friends.”


When you are having a hard day, what makes you feel better?

Abbi: “Listening to music, talking with someone, and playing with someone.”


What are you most proud of?


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