Alejandro and Antonio


Alejandro and Antonio:


Alejandro and his younger brother Antonio are very likeable and resilient brothers. They take pride in caring for one another and others. Antonio tries really hard to fit in with his peers and has been working on improving his social skills. Antonio and Alejandro both enjoy typical activities for kids their age: playing video games, riding bikes, swimming, and playing outside. Antonio enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together. He also likes pets and he has a fish which he enjoys taking care of. Antonio also likes building with Legos and working on the computer. Alejandro enjoys basketball a lot! Both boys dislike loud noises, crowds, and hugs. Antonio dislikes some textures and Alejandro does not like dogs. Antonio and Alejandro desire to be adopted together by a loving “no matter what” family that is willing to maintain connections with their other bith siblings, too. They would like a home with two parents and children who are their age or older.

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