Alex is a pop music fan and one of his favorite songs is “Firework” by Katy Perry. She sings, “Do you know, there’s still a chance for you … there’s a spark in you … let it shine.” Alex is a bright, loving child who is ready to shine in his own “no matter what” family.

A charming child with exceptional manners, Alex is happiest when he’s busy. He enjoys bowling, getting pizza and ice cream at restaurants, seeing movies, and exploring local parks and museums. Alex likes to read, play board games, and play video games like Minecraft and Roblox. When he plays with Legos and K-Nex he usually follows the instructions, but also uses his imagination to assemble his own creations. You can often find him outdoors riding his bike or scooter, going swimming, or playing baseball. Alex likes to be a helper and feels valued when given specific tasks or chores. He’s proud of how good he is at following directions. Alex finds comfort in receiving nurturing from adults he trusts and is willing to share deep feelings with them. He will let you know when he needs a hug!

It is important for Alex to be in a structured environment. He can have difficulty with transitions, sudden changes of plans and unknown expectations. He feels better if he knows the reason why when things change. Alex likes to have his own safe “chill spot” and prefers playing independently. This gives him a chance to reenergize in order to prepare for upcoming interactions with others. He tends to get along better with adults and older children.

Alex is in need of a patient, compassionate “no matter what” family who will be there for him through the good days and bad, and understands that it will take time to build a strong attachment. Alex said,” I want some fun times playing together. I want a really good family that will take care of me.”

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