Annmarie, Serena, Cordale and Malaya


Serena, Annmarie, Cordale, and Malaya are sweet children who would love a forever family that would be able to adopt all four of them together.

Serena is a planner and a natural born leader. She is mature beyond her years and is already planning on how she can start babysitting in the near future. Serena loves spending time with her friends, playing basketball, or dancing her heart out. Serena is strong-willed and has naturally fell into a leadership role with her siblings. She would thrive in a family that can help guide her leadership qualities into positive outlets. Even leaders need to have fun, and Serena has lots of fun while cheerleading or playing basketball. Her favorite animal is a dog and she can’t get enough of her favorite food: nachos!

Annmarie is your typical tween who loves pizza and movies – either watching them at home or on the big screen. She is a very outgoing, sociable child and loves to be the center of attention. Annmarie is full of energy and enjoys music, dancing, and participating in volleyball. She sometimes needs extra encouragement and positive affirmations and it is very important to her that her opinion be heard.

Bookworm Cordale enjoys reading so much that he is reading three grades above his level! Don’t judge a book by its cover, though, as he also super active and loves being outside riding his bike. Cordale is very interested in anything that has to do with science. He needs guidance in learning healthy outlets for his frustration.

Catch her if you can! Malaya is a spunky girl that loves riding her bike “REALLY FAST!”, playing outside, and doing gymnastics. While relaxing, she enjoys eating pizza and watching her favorite show, SpongeBob, on TV. Her favorite color is yellow. Malaya is an animal lover who likes cuddling with cats and dogs. She has lots of friends and can’t wait to try out for cheerleading someday! Malaya is a sweet child who sometimes needs gentle reminders on boundaries and help positively redirecting her behaviors.

It is very important to Serena, Annmarie, Cordale, and Malaya to have an adoptive family that understands the importance of maintaining relationships with their biological family. They will thrive in a family that is active and can provide stability and structure.

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