Antonio is an engaging and resilient boy who is looking for a “no matter what” family that can give him the love, attention, and guidance that every child deserves. He takes pride in caring for others and is trying hard to fit in with his peers. Antonio enjoys playing video games, but also likes to spend time outside riding his bike, swimming, and playing. He has a curious mind and likes to explore by taking things apart and putting them back together. It’s no surprise that he also enjoys the complexity of building with Legos and working on the computer. Antonio can be sensitive to loud noises, crowds, some textures, and isn’t quite comfortable with hugs just yet. It is important to Antonio that his “no matter what” family is willing to maintain connections with his biological siblings. He may do best with a single parent or in a two-parent home with one parent being able to give him the attention that he needs. And, while Antonio may do well in a home with children around his age or older, he may thrive better in a “no matter what” family where there are no other children.

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