Arianna is a good communicator who is able to share her feelings verbally, as well as express herself through her art. She is preparing to conquer some big goals of getting a job and researching different colleges that she would like to attend in the future. Arianna is a social teen who enjoys days out on the town going shopping, having a bite to eat, and good conversation. When she isn’t talking to her friends on her phone about the events of the day, she can be found listening to music or watching Netflix. Arianna has found that being involved in basketball and swimming has allowed her to redirect her emotions into positive outlets. It is important to Arianna that she is part of decision making processes, as well as given the opportunity to talk through conflicts instead of being given commands or discipline without any explanation or justification. It is essential to her that she maintain connections with biological family and caretakers from her past. Arianna is excited at the possibility of finding a “no matter what” family.

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