Who wants tacos for dinner? Definitely Caleb! He describes his dream day as eating his favorite food at a Mexican restaurant. Caleb is a happy, healthy, and emotionally intelligent child who strives to do his best. Always ready for adventure, he keeps himself busy with many interests. Caleb loves anime and currently has a room full of art supplies. A creative child, he likes to spend his time painting, drawing, and playing with Play-Doh. Outside, you might find him in the backyard doing flips and cartwheels. Caleb has had swimming lessons and is interested in learning karate and joining a basketball team. He works hard in school and has positive relationships with the school staff. He enjoys learning and is proud of becoming a better reader.

Caleb needs a “no matter what” family committed to him and supporting him, even during challenging times. He does best with consistent structure and routines, and clear expectations. Caleb enjoys pets and wouldn’t mind being a brother to a sibling or two. Does Caleb seem like a good fit for your family? Let us know!

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