After seeing this bright smile, you probably aren’t surprised to hear that Caroline is known to be affectionate, loving and is described as a social butterfly! She has tons of interests – games, TV, playing outside, riding her bike, swimming. Caroline enjoys singing and dancing and has even taken dance classes at a local studio. She enjoys taking walks and learning about nature. She knows a lot about the natural world and loves to share that knowledge with adults. Caroline gets along well with her teachers and her favorite subject is math. She loves music and her favorite band is Imagine Dragons. Caroline shared that she loves ALL their songs! If she could visit any place in the world, it would be Egypt because she wants to see the Pyramids.

Caroline does well with incentives and is becoming more aware of her behaviors. She accepts redirection and is starting to set goals for herself. She enjoys learning about emotions, how they change, and how to manage different feelings. She loves art and is working on learning to draw her emotions. Caroline has strong relationships with caring adults in her life and would like to maintain contact with her siblings. It is important to her that these bonds be preserved.

Caroline needs a family where she is fully accepted and where adults are able to give her the individual  attention she craves. Caroline’s trauma-informed, “no matter” what family will help her continue on a path to success as she grows older. She has so much to offer to a family who is willing to commit to supporting and nurturing her now and in the future. If you feel you are the right fit, we look forward to receiving your inquiry about Caroline!

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