Carrie-Anna & Zanniah

These outgoing, confident, and upbeat sisters have a very close connection. Carrie-Anna, the older sibling, knows where she wants to be in life and is determined to work towards her goals and dreams. Carrie-Anna LOVES to watch basketball and is hoping to play on a school team one day. She spends her time playing racing games on the PlayStation, watching and creating TikToks, painting portraits, going shopping, and spending time outside. Carrie-Anna expresses herself through art and clothing and would love to be a model or fashion designer one day. When asked what she was most proud of, she replied, “I’m proud that I get to be myself and that people like me!”

Zanniah, the younger of the two, likes to watch soccer, color, make art projects, play with her dolls, and ride her scooter outside. Zanniah’s favorite TV show right now is Wednesday on Netflix. In the future, she would love to take ballet lessons and hopes to visit Disneyland or Disney World someday. She dreams of becoming a doctor or firefighter when she grows up because she wants to “help and save people.”

Both girls love to meet new people and they have adjusted well to previous placements with different caregiving styles. They provide each other with emotional support, companionship, love, and comfort. It is important that they stay in touch with other siblings who are in out-of-home care. Carrie-Anna shared that she wants a home to feel like a true family where family members do activities together. Are you their “no matter what” family?

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