When it comes to remaining positive through adversity, Celia has done it! People who know Celia describe her as optimistic and outgoing. She does well advocating for herself and assisting others. Celia has connected with her caregivers through meal preparation and cooking together. Overall, she really enjoys school, though has expressed frustration when other students don’t listen to the teacher. Currently, Celia likes finding a comfy spot and getting lost in reading the Harry Potter series. Don’t peg her for a bookworm, though! Being the social butterfly she is, Celia has found a new love in hanging out with her friends and going shopping for clothes, playing basketball, and participating in her school’s soccer team.

Celia is looking forward to being adopted into a “no matter what” family that is willing to maintain connections with bio family, caregivers, and therapists. She would like an open-minded and supportive family that encourages her dream of going to college, where she would like to major in Social Work.

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