Mic check . . . testing . . . . one-two, one-two! Listen up, because this talented performer has something to say! Chani loves to create his own beats and the rap lyrics to go along with them. His artistic side is also expressed through drawing, creating and editing videos, and fashion. “I like to make myself look good in public,” he stated. Chani also has an interest in sports, especially football. His favorite team to watch is the New York Giants. Although some people think you must claim allegiance to either the Marvel or DC franchises, that doesn’t define Chani. He enjoys all the superheroes! A shy, charming and easy-going youth, when asked what makes him laugh, his answer was “awkward moments!”

Chani will thrive in a “no matter what” family who will love him unconditionally. He needs warm, nurturing adults who will encourage him with positive reinforcement, in addition to helping him with his homework. A “no matter what” family who shows enthusiasm for his artistic side would be a great fit. Although out-of-state homes will be considered, it is important that Chani can stay in touch with siblings and other relatives. Chani is passionate about his musical aspirations for the future. Could you be the family who helps him achieve his dreams?

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