Dangelo is a sweet boy who is looking forward to being part of a family. He shows kindness and empathy for others, in his own way. One thing he wants people to know about him is that he tries really hard to make friends and be social. “It takes me a little longer than most people to learn and understand things, but I try my hardest.” One of Dangelo’s favorite things to do is sleep. Unlike many teenagers, he loves to go to bed early! He can often be found sharing facts about cars and other vehicles as this is an area of expertise for him. As far as sports go, Dangelo likes to toss a ball back and forth. It doesn’t matter if it’s a football, baseball, or basketball–he just likes playing catch. He also likes to spend time playing video games. One thing Dangelo is working hard on is being independent, including taking care of himself and his surroundings. When Dangelo is having a hard day, it makes him feel better when people listen to him, make him feel safe, and show that they care about him. Once in a while, a hug really helps.

Dangelo needs a “no matter what” family with patience, strength, and endurance who will commit to being there for him as he transitions to his new home. The ideal family for Dangelo is willing to advocate for his well-being in all settings to encourage his growth and success. A family familiar with trauma-informed care with no other children in the home would be best for Dangelo. He is ready for his “no matter what” family!

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