Daniel and Danielle


Danielle is like a walking, talking Pinterest board. She really enjoys crafts, such as making friendship bracelets, and always wants to research new ideas on her tablet. Danielle finds joy in cooking, especially baking. She has mastered her favorite foods—macaroni and cheese, pizza, and chicken—and will gladly skip over the fruits and vegetables. Danielle is a super active youth who enjoys playing basketball on her school team, riding her bike, and has just started to really like swimming. She is adventurous and willing to try anything once.

If Danielle is Pinterest, then Daniel is Wikipedia. He is super curious about how things work, researching it, then taking things apart and putting them back together. Knowing that, it is obvious that he would be drawn to building models and Legos and proudly displaying the finished products. Daniel is definitely a boy on the go. He is part of his school’s traveling basketball team and can be found outside skateboarding or bike riding. He is described as funny, talkative, and very well mannered.

Danielle and Daniel are described as a fiercely loyal to their biological family, as well as to other connections that they have made throughout their lives, and it is important they maintain contact with caregivers and family. Danielle and Daniel are very protective of one another and enjoy spending time together. They have voiced that they are ready for an adoptive family, but it is important to them they are part of the process of choosing and meeting prospective families. They both thrive on structure and routine, but are wanting an active family that goes on many adventures together.


Photos courtesy of Caitlin Herrada with Herrada Photo

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