Desteny is described as a healthy, energetic, helpful, creative, graceful, bubbly, and enthusiastic young lady. She is personable and has a great sense of humor. Desteny is optimistic most days and has a motivation to please others. Desteny does not like conflict. She does struggle, at times, to manage her emotions as a result of her past traumas. However, she is learning various positive coping skills and has been developing problem-solving skills as well. Furthermore, Desteny is learning how to ensure that she is safe. Desteny has slight hearing loss in her right ear, but this does not seem to slow her down. Desteny receives additional help and support in the school setting to ensure she is successful. She is very interested in school and has an eagerness to learn new things, despite not enjoying getting up early. Desteny excels at singing, dancing, and crafting. She also enjoys gymnastics, listening to music, having her hair styled, playing sports, and visiting her brother. Desteny needs a loving, committed, patient, and structured no-matter-what family in order to continue to grow and thrive. A family with experience in trauma informed care would be ideal. She would do well in either a single or two-parent home, with or without other children, in the state of Wisconsin, so she can maintain important relationships, specifically a relationship with her older brother. Desteny is looking for a family that is willing to provide her with a safe home to call her own.


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