D’Nyjha is a girl with many interests. You won’t find her sitting around complaining that she’s bored! Here’s a brief list of some things she likes: coloring, drawing, puzzles, dancing, animals (especially horses) playing, telling jokes, swimming, crafting, Tik Tok, basketball, going shopping, and getting her hair and nails done. She is described as very social and has positive relationships with adults and peers. D’Nyjha loves to make people laugh and is very affectionate. One thing she wants people to know about her is that she is “very active!”

D’Nyjha has positive relationships with her teachers. They report that it is easier for her to concentrate when she can draw or color while listening to lessons. She is making great strides in learning how to process her feelings and cope with stressful thoughts. D’Nyjha will do well with a “no matter what” family who keeps busy, provides structure to her days, and sets clear expectations. She would do fine in a home with other children and would love to be in a family with pets. D’Nyjha is open to adoption, but it is important that she can maintain a relationship with her grandfather and other close relatives. If you can see yourself as D’Nyjha’s “no matter what” family, please let us know!

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