Donavin & Thomas

When Thomas was asked what makes him laugh the most, his answer was “My brother!” These siblings have a powerful bond and thrive when they are together. They both enjoy sports, specifically football, baseball, and basketball. Donavin is a fan of the Vikings, Lakers, and Cavaliers, while Thomas roots for the Seahawks, Bucks, and Brewers. A good old-fashioned family card game like Kings Corner or Uno is another way these brothers like to spend their time. Both boys dream of taking a family trip to Florida someday.

Donavin is an active child and likes to spend time outdoors playing sports. Although he is competitive, he enjoys playing the game more than winning. Donavin has developed strong relationships with peers and adults who share that he is respectful, thrives in the structured setting of school, and enjoys being busy. Despite the challenges in his past, he is resilient and faces life with a happy demeanor. When getting to know someone, Donavin may be reluctant to express how he feels or ask for things. He is kind-hearted and a good caretaker of his brother.

Thomas has an energetic and happy-go-lucky demeanor. He is full of life, loves to laugh and to learn new things. Like Donavin, Thomas also thrives in a busy, structured environment with set rules, boundaries, and clear expectations. He will benefit from a no matter what family who will take the time to model expectations and provide different opportunities for him to expend his energy.

Both boys have a strong bond with their maternal grandmother. It is important to Donavin that he continue his ongoing relationship with his mother. Their no matter what family should be willing to maintain these relationships and keep the brothers together.

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