Fire Trucks! Airplanes! Trains! If it’s big, has lots of lights, and is about helping others, Dontrell is sure to enjoy everything about it! This curious boy has fun exploring the world around him and enjoys learning new things. He LOVES school, even if he must attend virtually now. Dontrell thrives off having a routing and always follows his schedule diligently. He enjoys going bowling, horseback riding, having water balloon fights, and watching sports. Dontrell has participated in equine therapy and does very well with animals in general.

An affectionate child, Dontrell likes to give hugs and likes spending time with others while eating meals and watching television. He responds well to calm, dependable caregivers who practice positive reinforcement. It is important for him to please the adults in his life. His “no matter what” family will need to support and maintain his relationships with some of his biological siblings. Dontrell will be sure to melt your heart with his warm smile and kindness!


Photos courtesy of Alan Kim

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