Dylon is an adventurous teenage boy who is as passionate an athlete as he is in finding his “no matter what” family. He loves playing football, basketball, and baseball. When he’s not on the field playing sports, he enjoys dancing and listening to his favorite tunes. Dylon has an amazing personality and he is humorous, which helps him easily make friends. Like other teenagers, he isn’t always a fan of school or homework, but he will put forth his best effort with some support. Dylon enjoys spending time with friends, playing video games, watching YouTube, and working out at the YMCA. This young man has been through so much, yet, he has so much resilience; he can adjust to new things quickly and can often make the best out of many situations. Dylon desires a family that is patient, forgiving, and won’t give up on him. He needs a family that is active and/or willing to encourage and support his participation in sports and other activities he loves.

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