Eladio is an awesome, laid-back kid. He finds happiness in being with his peers, just hanging out watching movies or playing video games. Those who care for Eladio describe him as sweet, helpful, and very talkative. He is proud of his great memory and has even been known to memorize entire books!

Eladio loves one-on-one attention, though he wouldn’t mind being in a family with other children—just as long as he can still get that attention he craves. He flourishes in surroundings that are calm and that can provide consistency. Eladio did mention that he wouldn’t mind if pets were part of his family. He does have a close bond with his younger sister and other family members, and it is essential that his adoptive family would support and encourage a continued relationship. Eladio is a big hearted kid who is ready to be part of a devoted and patient family that will unconditionally love and support him.

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