Eli is a sweet boy with a huge smile. He’s happiest when he is spending time with others and lending a hand. “I really have fun helping adults with cooking and helping outside,” Eli said. He likes to kayak, swim, play basketball, and ride his bike. Eli loves when his bike goes so fast that he feels like he’s flying! He also enjoys playing cards, board games and using his active imagination to create new worlds in Mine Craft. He likes learning about different types of tractors and equipment, doing at-home science experiments, and has a zeal for telling stories to anyone who wants to listen.

Eli’s ideal “no matter what” family needs to be active, patient, and be able to give him one-on-one time. Eli also wants his future family to know that “if he’s talking too much, just ask him to sit on the couch!” His “no matter what” family should understand that Eli needs time with transitions and should be willing to provide the positive feedback and love he needs to help rebuild his self-esteem and self-worth. Eli is an amazing child who is ready to thrive in a stable and loving environment.

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