Elijah L.

Bounce, bounce, bounce … swish. Those are the sounds you’ll hear daily if you welcome Elijah into your family. His favorite sport? Basketball. How does he like to spend his time? Playing basketball. What does he hope to be when he grows up? A basketball player. Elijah does have other interests like listening to rap music, playing with animals, going swimming, playing video games and watching funny movies. But basketball is his passion!

Elijah is an excellent advocate for himself and is learning to speak up when he feels uncomfortable or unsafe. He will open up to people who consistently show up for him. School can be stressful for Elijah and he needs a little extra guidance and care. His teachers share that he is highly intelligent for his age. Elijah likes learning about Black history and his favorite subjects are science and math.

Elijah wants his “no matter what” family to know that he is smart, funny, and likes to dance. It’s important that the adults in his family are skilled in trauma-informed parenting and will encourage him to maintain relationships with important adults in his life. He hopes to have a “no matter what” family who will accept him for who he is and allow him to do things he enjoys. Let us know if you would like to learn more about Elijah!

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