Someday, when you turn on a light in your home, you may have Elijah to thank. He already knows that he wants to be an electrician when he grows up. This is a young man with a plan! One of Elijah’s best character traits is working hard at everything he does. This includes not only cleaning his room and other household chores but also practicing singing in order to perform a Bruno Mars song at a school talent show! Elijah has plenty of interests, with basketball being his number one sport. The Milwaukee Bucks are his favorite team and one of his dreams is to meet Giannis. When outdoors, Elijah likes going to the park, riding his bike, and playing football. He also enjoys video games, drawing, and has recently discovered a fondness for graphic novels. Elijah’s most-loved foods are corn dogs and pancakes. He will also never pass up a trip to Culver’s – one of his favorite restaurants.

Elijah wishes to be adopted by a loving family. His “no matter what” family should understand the impact of trauma and be able to provide a consistent, structured environment in which he can thrive. Elijah can express his feelings and thoughts when prompted. However, when he’s having a bad day, he likes to be quiet and wants to be alone. Overall, he prefers being with small groups of people instead of big parties or crowds. His “no matter what” family should be willing to continue therapy every week to help him work through his past trauma. Are you the family that will encourage his inner light to shine?

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