Emily is a sweet girl who wants to make sure the people around her are happy. She enjoys creating cards for those around her for all occasions, even to apologize if there was something she felt bad about. Emily enjoys watching movies and reading books and says her favorite book to read is “Green Eggs and Ham.” She states that, when she is relaxing, she likes to listen to music by Luke Bryan or Jason Aldene while she is coloring or drawing. Emily hasn’t had an opportunity to take part in organized sports yet, though she really enjoys watching volleyball and basketball in person to cheer on all of the teams because she doesn’t have just one favorite team. Being outside, riding her scooter and bike, or swimming and fishing bring joy to Emily.

Emily is in need of a family where she would be the only child or have older sisters in the home. It is important to Emily to maintain contact with her previous foster parents and biological sister. Because of Emily’s desire to be in company of someone, she is hoping for a family that has a parent who stays home. Emily is a caring, fun girl who deserves a family that will advocate for her and that she can trust to never give up on her.

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