Erica, Andrew & Aryannah

Erica is the big sister of this adorable sibling group. She loves animals, arts & crafts, and going on vacation. Her favorite movie is Home Alone. Erica likes to spend time riding her bike, doing flips on the trampoline, and is currently learning how to play golf. She loves reading and has worked hard to improve her reading skills. Erica is proud that she keeps moving up reading levels in school. Erica needs a “no matter what” family who will guide her in knowing right from wrong and be patient as she learns new routines. 


 Andrew is a “very smart little boy” with a good memory and the ability to learn very quickly. In fact, he likes playing chess and often wins! In school, he enjoys learning about animals. Andrew is a football and baseball fan. His favorite teams are the Packers and the Twins. Like his big sister, he loves playing on the trampoline. He has a strong bond with his youngest sister and considers her his best friend. Andrew is described as being “very sensitive.” He is learning how to trust adults. His “no matter what” family will need to help him learn how to process big feelings and feel comfortable with unexpected changes in daily life. 


 Aryannah is the youngest sister. She is described as a quick learner and creative in her play. She likes to go shopping and loves being the center of attention. Aryannah is happy to be doing whatever the adults around her are doing. Any TV show or movie on the Disney channel is an automatic favorite. She loves playing with dolls, writing, and building with Legos. Like her siblings, she is also a fan of the trampoline. Her “no matter what” family will need to teach her coping skills for when things don’t go her way.


All three siblings are described as active, social, and energetic. These three awesome children would do well in a trauma-informed, active, patient, and loving home. Do you have what it takes to become their “no matter what” family?


Please note: In accordance with ICWA, the siblings’ recruitment team is only considering Native Specific Pre-Adoptive Resources for the children at this time.

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