Exuberant might be the perfect word to describe Evelyn. Behind that beaming smile is a lively energy and a great sense of humor. Evelyn is described as being “quite animated” when she’s excited and she loves to be the center of attention. It’s understandable that her dream for the future is to become an actor or singer and move to Hollywood! Evelyn is also interested in fashion and loves to dress up. She works hard at school, where math is her favorite subject, and she wants to learn Spanish and French. Evelyn likes to stay active and that includes playing volleyball, basketball, tetherball, pickle ball, tennis and swimming.

Evelyn tries very hard to please others. She’s proud of how she has progressed in controlling her anger and is learning how to calmly walk away from situations that upset her. Her grandfather and sister are very important people in her life and these relationships will need to be maintained. Evelyn is open to adoption and wants a family to call her own. Are you the trauma-informed, understanding, and patient “no matter what” family Evelyn is looking for?

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