Would you rather go into a lion’s cage or eat worms? Would you rather sleep in the rain or sleep in a dark cave? Faith wants to know! This young lady loves to talk and entertain, especially during a round of “Would You Rather?” Faith is a bright, inquisitive, and independent child. You will often find her playing Wordle on her device or reading a good book. Faith loves curling up on the couch for a family movie night, especially if a musical is playing. A couple of her favorites are Hamilton and the 1980s version of Annie. (In her opinion, it’s better than the new version.) Faith likes to stay busy and does well in school. She is always an enthusiastic participant in class discussions and projects. Faith is proud of being the frequent winner of the class participation award and other outstanding achievements at school.

Observant and insightful, Faith is attentive to others and wants very much to make a positive impression. She can occasionally overstep by getting into the business of adults and will sometimes ask “dozens of questions.” Like most of us, she doesn’t enjoy being told “no.” Faith often needs reassurance and reminders to help calm her during anxious moments. Her “no matter what” family needs to be active, patient, understanding, and supportive. She generally gets along great with older or younger children and would love to have a pet or two. Faith’s “no matter what” family needs to be open to her maintaining contact with her siblings. Let us know if you have room in your heart and home for Faith!

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