Gabe is a loving boy with a huge smile and lots of energy. When outdoors, he keeps busy playing with other kids, swimming, and taking long walks. When he’s at home, he spends his time watching movies, reading, and coloring. He has a great imagination that he puts to work making creations with Legos and entering the world of Pokémon. He is a boy with dreams for the future; one of those dreams is to have a pet rabbit! When he’s having a hard day, he likes to lay in his bed to relax. Getting a hug always makes him feel better.

When asked what he would wish for if given three wishes, Gabe said he wishes to be adopted, to have a loving family, and to talk to his brother. His “no matter what” family would need to be open to a slow transition and be willing to support relationships with caregivers, teachers, and other important adults in his life during this time. Gabe will thrive in a family that provides structure and stability. It is important to Gabe that his “no matter what” family supports his desire to maintain contact with his biological siblings. Gabe is a remarkable child who is ready to join a family that will give him the patience, support, and love that he deserves.

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