Haily is a girl with a heart for animals . . . ANY animal! Her happy places are at the zoo and when participating in equine therapy. Because of her deep connection with and care for animals, she aspires to be a Vet Tech when she is older. Haily is a teen through and through, just ask her about her desire to experiment with makeup and how she is always ready for a trip to the mall. When asked what else she enjoys, Haily will also mention adventures she enjoys in the outdoors include camping, swimming, and bike riding. When given the opportunity, she likes to get together with friends to play games and watch scary movies.

Haily is desperately wanting a permanent home with a family that will commit to her and give her unconditional love and support. It goes without saying that a home with animals in it would be preferred. Haily is involved with equine therapy and it is important for her new family to be steadfast in continuing these services. Haily is a sweet girl who needs a family that will stand by her through thick and thin. This family would also need to be open to continuing already formed relationships with previous caretakers and biological family.

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