If the word “girly-girl” were in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Haley beside it. She is a fashionista who loves going shopping and putting together outfits. Her favorite things are nail polish and wearing fuzzy pajamas at sleepovers with her friends. With her zest for baking and decorating for holidays and special events, she is a perfect assistant party planner. Haley is a confident tween who puts making others happy and feel important high on her list. She is smart, creative, resilient, and empathetic to other’s emotions. Just like many other children her age, she enjoys keeping in contact with friends on the phone or through text. Haley can also be found happily flipping, somersaulting, and cartwheeling, because gymnastics is one of her passions.

Haley would be best matched with a “no matter what” family that is active socially and in the community. A two-parent, trauma-informed family that has experience with teens or has other teens in the home would be ideal. It is essential for Haley that she be kept in the loop about important decisions and knows the “why” behind the reasons she needs to follow directions. Haley would also need caregivers who are able to ensure that she remain connected with her biological family and would be willing to actively support this relationship.

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