Hersen is a bright young boy who has experienced a lot of grief and loss at an early age. He is quite self-aware and able to use several techniques to help him self-regulate. Sometimes, all it takes is going for a walk and picking flowers or going to sit quietly in another room for a few minutes.

Hersen likes going to the library and picking out new books to read. He also likes participating in math club. While Hersen prefers intellectual activities over physical activities, he does enjoy Ty Kwon Do, swimming, football, and bike riding. When Hersen isn’t doing any of the above, you may find him playing video games alone or with pals.

His favorite holidays include Halloween and Christmas.

In school, Hersen performs well academically. He does well with redirection and continues to work hard, keep calm, and focus on excelling academically.

Hersen needs a “no matter what” family that is willing to be patient and agree to a slow transition. He will also require a caregiver who is open to helping him maintain his existing relationship with his “granny” and siblings.

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