Jahmarion is described as friendly, kind, caring, and an all-around great kid. Jahmarion has a knack for drawing and would really enjoy taking a drawing class that will teach him how to draw faces and portraits. He knows his style and takes pride in looking good and smelling good. Jahmarion likes to play basketball and swim. However, instead of watching sports, he would rather watch anime or play video games. He is a young man with a plan, knows what he wants, and what he needs to do to get it. With that said, will gladly do chores . . . for a price!

Jahmarion deserves a family; but even more, he would love to have a “person.” Someone to advocate for him, support him when struggles come up, and be a continuing source of encouragement. It is very important that his new family would understand the importance of his connections with his biological family and be supportive of him navigating those relationships. Jahmarion does prefer an African American family, as he would like his family to look like him. He likes having pets in the home and would really enjoy having siblings around his own age.

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