Javarree knows what he likes and is positive about what he doesn’t like. In the “like” column you will find things like: food, good food, and a family that cooks. In the “don’t like” column there is one word: Geometry.

Javarree has an artistic side and feels comfortable expressing himself through sketching and drawing. It is important for him to develop mutual respect with anyone new in his life, and once that is done, he will open up and allow himself to connect with you. After that, it is go, go, go! Javarree has lots of fun playing and watching football, basketball, and other sports. Rapping and signing along to music is another one of his talents.

When asked, Javarree says that he would like to find a “no matter what” family that is active, can play sports with him, and that are good cooks. It is important that Javarree’s family is open to keeping connections that he has in Milwaukee and knows the importance of the bond he has with family and caretakers.

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