Jaycee is an outgoing little girl who is filled with energy. She likes to bounce on her trampoline, draw pictures to decorate her room, and she loves animals. Jaycee enjoys school and is well-liked by her teachers and peers. She is known to have an amazing retention of facts and can recite things from memory very easily. Her favorite school subjects are math and Spanish. At home, she likes to watch Paw Patrol, Cocomelon, Angry Birds, and Marsha and Bear. Jaycee likes to play board games and her favorite is Hungry Hungry Hippo. When she’s outside, you can find her riding her bike or scooter or playing in the sandbox.

Jaycee thrives off routine and structure and is most comfortable in predictable situations. She can sometimes feel frustrated when she isn’t understood or is unable to have what she wants. However, she does quite well when she is given the option of making a choice and when she feels adults are truly listening to her. When she’s having a hard day, playing on her iPad or with fidget toys can make her feel better. And sometimes she just wants a warm, loving cuddle.

A mindful transition will be needed when Jaycee finds her “no matter what” family due to her needs for predictability and familiarity. It will be important for her to maintain connections with former caregivers.  Jaycee’s “no matter family” should be knowledgeable in trauma-informed parenting. Let us know if you would like to find out more about this incredible girl!

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