Knock, knock. Who’s there? Jeff! This friendly young man is always on the lookout for someone to laugh with. “When I’m having a hard day, telling jokes makes me feel better,” he said. When asked if he could have any three wishes, Jeff said he would want a lot of money, unlimited wishes, or to be Spiderman. When he grows up, he would love to be a NASCAR driver if that Spiderman wish doesn’t come true.

Jeff enjoys all types of sports and loves to try new activities. He likes to be physically active and would do well in a “no matter what” family that likes to go swimming, hiking, fishing, hunting, bike riding or simply playing catch in the yard. A true sports fan, he enjoys playing soccer, football and basketball and roots for the Green Bay Packers and the Milwaukee Bucks. When’s he’s inside the house, Jeff spends his time watching funny movies and TV shows, as well as playing board games and video games.

Jeff has a big heart and a genuine concern for others. Recently, he attended a hockey game and was given a puck. Although a huge sports fan, he decided to give the puck to a child next to him who didn’t get one. Jeff has worked hard on learning how to handle his emotions and shared that the simple act of taking a deep breath can make all the difference in a situation! Like most teenagers, Jeff would prefer his own bedroom because he likes to have a safe space to retreat to when he becomes overwhelmed. He is someone who genuinely appreciates compliments and thrives on positive affirmations and recognition for his achievements.

When asked how he feels about adoption, he replied, “It makes me happy.” Jeff would prefer a family who has pets and is open to having siblings as well. He wants people to know that family is something that he values and is optimistic about finding a “no matter what” family who can love and appreciate him for who he is.

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