Jeremiah is a smart, resilient, loving boy who wants the simple pleasures that come with being part of a family. He would love to spend time together taking walks, playing outside, relaxing in front of the TV, watching football, or playing video games together. Jeremiah shared that his dream day would be spent outside. This energetic boy enjoys riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline, and riding his scooter, as well as playing basketball, soccer, and golf. Jeremiah does well academically, especially in math. He enjoys drawing and one of his favorite subjects in school is art, along with music and gym.

Jeremiah needs a trauma-informed “no matter what” family that can provide stability and commitment. He is working hard on being able to identify and safely express his feelings. Jeremiah does well with constant reminders, structure, and daily routines. It may take him a while to become comfortable in a new home. His “no matter what” family needs to understand how the trauma in his past has impacted who he is today, and they need to be people who will be there for him, always. Jeremiah deserves a family who will give him consistency and unconditional love.

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