Many would describe Johnathon as compassionate, loving, and family oriented. This creative and imaginative teen has a knack for learning new things and doesn’t give up easily. Johnathon enjoys going on walks and spending time at the library. Johnathon also loves attending church and participating in family outings in the community. When indoors, he likes watching Sponge Bob on TV, playing games on the Xbox, listening to music, or building with his Legos.

Johnathon has a committed team that encourage him to improve and learn to better control his behaviors at home, school, and in the community. With the support of his team, he has been able to recognize his triggers and utilize healthy coping strategies to self-regulate on a more consistent basis.

Johnathon would do best in a nurturing two parent home that provides a good balance of structure and flexibility. It is important for Johnathon to be matched with a “no matter what” family in Wisconsin. The family would need to be considerate that a slow transition would be necessary. In addition, his “no matter what” family would also need to be open and supportive of Johnathon maintaining his special bond that he has with his current and elderly caregiver, whom he refers to as “Granny.”

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