Joshua, Trenton, Maliek, and Bentley

Do you have room in your heart and home for a devoted, tight-knit sibling group? Joshua, Trenton, Maliek, and Bentley want you to know that they are looking for a loving, caring, patient “no matter what” family. The boys have a strong bond and state that they come as a “package deal.” Some things they all enjoy include being in nature, camping and fishing. And like most people, it can be hard to tear them way from their cell phones, tablets, or video games when they are just hanging out at home. Let’s get to know each one of them a bit better.

Joshua is the eldest of this sibling group of four. He is described as a deep thinker who enjoys tinkering around with Legos or building things from scratch. These skills will lend themselves well to his future plans of being a mechanic or working with computers. His favorite football team is the Packers, and his favorite type of music is rock. He would love to go to New York someday because he knows “there is a lot of stuff to see and do there.” Joshua is proud of how hard he works in school.

Trenton, the second oldest of the group, is the musical type and enjoys playing his guitar and trombone. His favorite sport to watch and play is basketball. If he could travel anywhere in the world, he would pick Australia, to see the kangaroos, of course! He takes pride in his appearance and likes to make sure he always looks good. He can sometimes take on a parental role with his brothers because he wants them all to be their best.

Maliek is the third oldest of this sibling group. He likes to play Sudoku and Monopoly and his favorite TV shows are Scooby Doo and Gravity Falls. He is also a musical kid who plays the piano and recently started learning to play the guitar. Maliek is “really good at soccer” and wants to become better at basketball. He has a lot of energy and can become fidgety but does well with the proper amount of attention and redirection from the adults in his life. When asked what he would do if he had three wishes his answer was, “I want a mom and a dad, and to be with my brothers, and to be adopted.”

The youngest of these brothers is Bentley. He has an active imagination and loves to joke around. He’s always eager to show off the tricks he can do on his bike or Razor scooter. Bentley likes basketball, board games and all kinds of food. He is not a picky eater! Bentley does well in school overall but can sometimes need reminders to stay on task.

Joshua, Trenton, Maliek, and Bentley have a special sibling bond and would be a wonderful addition to a home that can offer them unconditional love, structure, and stability. The boys would thrive in a “no matter what” family who can give them the individual attention that they need and the connection and belonging they are looking for. Are you the family who can make their dreams of staying together come true?

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