Joshua wants what we all want – to be in a home where he is loved and understood. He is described by those who know him best as helpful, sweet, intelligent, athletic, and creative. He enjoys competitive activities and has recently shown a great interest in playing football. Joshua shared that when he’s having a bad day, sports can help him feel better. Joshua also enjoys video games, being outdoors, music (especially hip hop), wrestling, and spending time with friends. If the TV is on, he’s probably watching shows that are action-packed!

Joshua is an affectionate and loving kid. He enjoys socializing with his peers and adults. Joshua does best when he has a structured daily routine and knows what is expected of him. He usually has no problem completing his responsibilities. Still, he doesn’t mind having small rewards to help him to stay on track! Educators have described him as incredibly intelligent, and he has formed positive connections with his teachers.

Sometimes it is difficult for Joshua to verbalize his feelings. It helps when a calm and understanding adult can help him recognize and understand his complex emotions. Joshua would do best in a stable, two-parent household with routine and structure. Although Joshua has been through many challenges, he continues to be resilient and wants to work on himself each day. It is important for Joshua to maintain his relationships with his grandparents and siblings. Are you the “no matter what” family he is looking for?

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