Kaleb is a friendly child with a creative mind. He uses his imagination to author his own stories, which he loves reading aloud to others, using distinct voices for each character. He most likely would enjoy participating in dramatic arts given the opportunity. Kaleb is hands-on and likes helping around the house. He likes to spend time in nature and has enjoyed camping trips, building forts, whittling wood and practicing basic hunting skills. He also likes bike riding and swimming. Kaleb has a love for animals and is extremely caring and nurturing to them.

An empathetic and affectionate kid, he is generally a people pleaser. When Kaleb is in a good mood he is friendly and extroverted. When he is having bad day, he needs time alone to process his feelings. It would be beneficial for him to have his own space where he can go to feel safe and calm. He can recognize when his behaviors are not appropriate and will apologize when needed. Like most kids, he struggles with being told “no” but does well with accepting a decision when given a reason.

Kaleb’s “no matter what” family will need to be trauma-informed and able to focus on and reinforce his positive behaviors. It may be a challenge for him to bond immediately and patience will be needed to work through any temporary struggles. His “no matter what” family will need to support his desire to have contact with former caregivers and siblings, while guiding him to establish healthy boundaries. Kaleb requires skilled parenting that offers structure and consistency, along with flexibility and understanding. His “no matter what” family needs to be willing to see past his trauma-driven responses and focus on his potential for success once he receives the commitment and unconditional love that he deserves.

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