Katrina is an artistic and creative young lady. She enjoys fashion design and has designed some spectacular clothing for her dolls. She comes up with some very intricate designs! Katrina has a nurturing nature and she likes helping to take care of the garden in her current foster home. In fact, she is interested in having her own garden one day and has been successful growing flowers and vegetables. Katrina takes pride in being helpful around the house, gaining satisfaction from helping prepare meals – but she isn’t fond of eating her veggies! Katrina enjoys quiet activities such as reading and coloring; she also likes to play games or complete puzzles with others. She appreciates photography, decorating her room, painting her nails, and listening to music. Katrina likes pets, especially dogs!

Katrina performs well in school overall. She enjoys using electronics at school and is able to easily navigate them. Katrina typically participates in the after school program, which she enjoys. Katrina is able to connect with and open up to consistent adults in her life. She is actively engaged in therapy and is learning many new skills in this setting.

Katrina is seeking a “no matter what” family in or out of Wisconsin. A family that will nurture and maintain a connection for her with her birth sister is ideal.

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