Kendell is an active, loveable, intelligent, and unique young man who enjoys one-on-one time and attention from his caregivers. Kendell is working on gaining more independence by learning how to cook and wash laundry and he feels super proud when completing other chores. He does thrive in structured environments and needs to know what to expect. Kendell enjoys dice and board games, his favorite being Candy Land. He also enjoys video games on his Wii, animated movies, art, and imaginative play. Kendell is very active and is fond of playing outside; catch, swinging, slides, bubbles, and riding his razor scooter in the warmer months. Just like any growing boy, food is one of his favorite things and fruit, pizza, and pizza are on the top of the prefered menu. Finding an adoptive family who can provide one-on-one attention and patience would be benificial for Kendell. That family would need to respect the need for a slow transition, as well as the importance of continuing relationships with former caregivers and biological family. Kendel is an amazing kid who would love to have and deserves a family to provide him with the love, care, and attention he needs throughout his life.

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