Kevin is an affectionate kiddo who loves to learn new things. He works hard in school to build academic and social skills. He has made progress in his ability to communicate his wants and needs, and he is building positive relationships with his caregivers. Kevin has also learned basic cooking skills and sometimes helps in the kitchen. Kevin enjoys music, music class, and especially enjoys playing musical instruments like bells, maracas, or tone chimes. His favorite instrument is the floor tom drum or hand drum using a mallet or his hands. He enjoys any type of kids’ music or music with an upbeat tempo. He likes to dance when the music has a good beat. Kevin recently became interested in watching television shows and movies. Kevin loves to watch and play sports. His favorite sport is basketball. He really enjoys shooting hoops and bouncing the basketball. He also enjoys playing catch. Kevin is not a picky eater, but some of his favorite foods are pizza, tacos, fruit, and cheese and crackers. Kevin enjoys sensory time and swinging. Kevin is comforted by being allowed to carry a stuffed toy around and sometimes occupies himself by flipping his toy into the air and catching it.

Kevin is seeking a “no matter what” family that has some knowledge of parenting children with unique challenges and special needs. He would also benefit from a family that is patient and can provide a home with structure and routine. Kevin does have a team of outside service providers that may be able to support the family in the home. Kevin’s “no matter what” family may be inside or outside the state of Wisconsin.



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