Kris is described as a self advocate who is very passionate for the things that she believes in. Once she warms up to people, she will voice her opinion on what she may agree or disagree with. Kris can come across as serious, but actually loves making others laugh. She enjoys reading (Bleach Novels, by Tite Kubo and Shonen Jump magazines), writing poetry, drawing anime (mostly Manga) listening to music, painting, playing basketball, singing, dancing, rapping and community outings. Kris enjoys a wide variety of music including; rap, r&b, rock, dubstep, throwback, some country, some jazz, some classic and Spanish or Latin. Kris sometimes tries to push people out of her life, due to past trauma. She appreciates structure and clear expectations. When Kris was asked what her three wishes are she responded, “To have a family, become a boxer and/or anime graphic designer and to own all of her favorite anime.” Kris indicated that she works very hard to be happy and focused. She is proud of the friends she has made, her artwork, making others proud of her and positively encouraging her peers. She desires a consistent “no matter what” family in Wisconsin who is willing to ensure that birth family connections are maintained, primarily with her siblings.



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