Marcus is a spunky youth who has a flair for arts and crafts. He has a phenomenal knack for watching drawing videos on YouTube then creating amazing projects; it’s something that can hold his attention for hours. Marcus has a bubbly personality and has been known to burst into song and dance at any moment. If he has any instruments nearby, he may just put on a one man show for you! Though, he does like to be in the company of other children, so it might turn into a whole band performance.

Marcus thrives on routine. He finds comfort in the simple things, like having his clothes laid out in the morning, knowing what is next on the agenda, and what is on the menu for dinner. He is always happy when the menu consists of his favorite foods: pizza, hamburgers, and flaming hot Cheetos! Marcus is always willing to help around the house followed by some play time riding his bike, playing video games, or roller skating.

Marcus’ family would need to be open for a slow transition and willing to support relationships with his current caregivers and teachers. He would thrive with a positive male role model in the home. Marcus is an amazing kid who is ready to find a family that has patience, support, and to give him the boat loads of love that he deserves.

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