Max & Bailee

Max and Bailee, Bailee and Max. These children have always been together, and they want to keep it that way! Yes, of course, they do have the typical arguments that most siblings have. However, they do get along well in general and love each other deeply. Although they have many different interests, they do have a few things in common. Both kids are good with animals and would love to have a pet in their new home. They enjoy playing board games, especially UNO and Sorry, and like to spend time playing outside.

Max is a curious child who wants to know everything. He is described as being loving, caring, and a people pleaser. Max enjoys playing video games like Fortnite and watching movies. His favorite movie is Jurassic Park. A fan of the Packers and Bucks, he dreams of meeting Giannis Antetokounmpo one day. Max likes to play basketball, football, and baseball. He wants to be a zoologist or an NBA player when he grows up. He is interested in learning how to play an instrument and would love to join the school band. Max shared that he is currently most proud of “getting his grades up in school.”

Bailee loves to learn and is described as caring, helpful, resilient, and a leader. She says she likes to “complete challenges” and can accomplish tasks independently. She enjoys working on arts and crafts at home. Bailee likes most foods, but her absolute favorites are tacos, chicken nuggets, and corn on the cob. She would rather pass if offered eggplant, spinach, or raw carrots. Bailee says she would love to do fun things with a family, like going to waterparks and taking care of animals.

Both children will do well in a “no matter what” family that offers structure and consistency. They need a family who will take the time to give them extra academic support, such as help with homework and reading time at home. Their “no matter what” family will need to provide them with love and attention and be understanding of their wants and needs. If you’re ready to learn more about these incredible kids, let us know!

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