When asked to describe Miguel, the first response we heard was, “He is HILARIOUS!” Miguel has a quick sense of humor and loves making everyone crack up. The second response is that he always has a hug to share. He is an amazing teen who possesses a perfect combination of pure kid and gentle soul. Sure, like many youth his age, Miguel enjoys hanging out with pals playing Fortnite or watching movies, but really he is much more comfortable (and finds it far more fun to be) outside playing any type of sport–especially fishing. Miguel is a true animal lover and bonds quickly with dogs. In fact, he has mentioned that he would really like his new family to have at least one dog in the home. Miguel also has a knack for numbers; recently, while playing Monopoly, he chose to be the banker and was able to do all the math in his head. He is really bright and is excelling academically. He is known to clear out the fruit bowl every time it is set out.  He can often be found walking around munching on an apple.

Miguel would do best in a two-parent home. If the home has other children, it is suggested they are significantly older than Miguel. He needs a family who is open to helping him maintain relationships with his siblings. Miguel deserves an adoptive family that is willing to understand the importance of never giving up, being supportive, and patience. Miguel’s new family will have an important task: making it clear to him that they are in it for the long haul. He will need to be reminded that his family will do whatever it takes to care for him, that he is deserving of love, and that they are never going to throw in the towel—no matter what.

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