Mirian and Juan


Just like many young people her age, if given the opportunity, Mirian would spend all of her time with friends at the mall or listening to music. Mirian also enjoys sports like basketball and swimming. She is an expressive person and a fantastic self-advocate. Alongside verbally expressing her wants and needs, she also feels comfort in writing them. It is important to Mirian that she feels she is being heard and understood.

Mirian is described as affectionate and really enjoys helping those around her. Because of her ability to bond with younger children, Mirian has voiced that she would like to be part of an adoptive family with younger siblings. She does have a younger brother whom she is working on building a relationship with and it is very important that her adoptive family supports her desire in growing and maintaining relationships with biological family. Mirian states that is ready to have a family and “a normal life.” She would like a patient and loving family that could give her lots of one-on-one attention and support her in self-discovery and development.

Learn about Juan soon!!

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